Taking time.

It takes time to develop things – relationships, careers, BABIES, life is an evolution, as is this blog. I have such high hopes to air the thoughts in my head, capture on paper, create a memory I intend to go back and read. But I suppose in my ability to try to take time to blog, which I have failed,  I have been taking time to enjoy other things. Like,

Beautiful faces.

Christmas trees.




My new house, my every day struggles to cook healthy, delicious food for my family. My time is more precious than ever and in the attempt to do it all I still find a way to feel like I’m not taking enough time. As I closed out 2010 I took time to just sit, in my house, with my husband, champagne in hand – and celebrated. As I welcomed in 2011 I did the same thing – spent the morning snuggling with my babies and took the afternoon for lunch and drinks with some great friends. Taking time is what I will do this year.

My resolution.

(**Note that all other resolutions I never can keep up with still apply – workout more, read more, blog more, make photobooks**) 🙂

Happy New Year friends, may it be your best.


…and UGLY it was.

Our Ugly Christmas party was a success. As my dear friend KQ put it on her FB status update:

“you know it was a good party when everyone needs asprin the next morning, you go home in someone else’s shoes, and you are drinking out of cups that say ‘happy birthday jesus’. Good times!!! XOXOXO to all the partay peeps”

Pretty much sums up the night. Everyone brought their A game of ugly Christmas attire:

The white elephant gift exhange was a success:
Cookie decorating, not so much:
It’s boring to act like adults all the time, right?
Happy Birthday JESUS!!!!

I’d post the pictures from the zoo….

…except I don’t have any. Because I flew solo and apparently am not skilled enough to do it ALL. The hubs was out of down last week, Thursday – Sunday, but that’s no excuse to slow me and the little one down from being social now is it? Saturday morning I decided to pack it up and meet one of my very best friends at the zoo in San Antonio. She lives in Htown but was down visiting her SUPER PREGO sister and her two gorgeous girls. My girlfriend, Perri, has two kids of her own, and it’s worth mentioning her parents and grandparents were there also. Quite the partaaay!

I left my house at 8:30 Saturday morning which in and of itself is borderline miraculous. Not that we don’t do this on any given weekday, but moving that fast on Saturday too, yeah I know, pat on the back to me. Diaper bag packed, sippy cups, snacks, toys for the drive, the stroller, basics covered. Grabbed the camera too because I’m a good mom like that. Ya know, capturing the moments.

I made it on time and we got the crazy train going. Brooklyn was in the stroller, had the camera out ready and waiting and off we went. This was her 3rd trip to a zoo – the Austin zoo was just hot and lame, and she was too little to care when we took her to the Central Park zoo. First stop was the monkeys, which she absolutely loved since every animal sound we ask her to make is a monkey. We ventured into the aquarium section next and all she kept saying loudly over and over was “WHOA!” On to the a cave like structure to see the hippo’s and alligators, and that’s when it all started to fall apart. A mobile 14 month old with so much stimulation surrounding is OVER the stroller. Especially when she’s the youngest of the 5 kiddos and everyone else is walking around. So, I made the mistake of letting her get down and that’s when it was all over. One arm pushing the stroller, chasing her, picking her back up, pulling her off of things to climb, whoops there goes the sippy cup, “Brooklyn stop!”, damn, I forgot the stroller!, shit my iPhone is sitting out in the cup holder!, etc…

I would entice her with crackers and LIFE cereal to get back in the stroller only to realize the next few exhibits she couldn’t see unless I got her out and held her up to see the big animals. Damnit. But, that part was totally worth it as she yet again kept saying ‘WHOA!’ and then did her version of a roar when we saw the lions. She whispers it, have no idea where she got that from.

Needless to say by the time we left the zoo my hair was pulled up, I was sweating, the stroller was covered with crumbs, and I had a tired pup on my hands. Was so fun and so worth it, but: NOT ONE SINGLE FREAKIN PICTURE. Because yeah, like I said, I apparently am not talented enough to figure out how in the hell to manage that. I’ve said this before but again, hats off to single parents.

Anyone good at photoshop? 😉

I’m alive!!!

Okay yeah, wow. That kicked my ass for realz. The flu sucks, go get your shot if you haven’t already. Unless I suppose you like running 101+ fever and feeling like someone has beat the crap out of you, plus coughing, plus snot, knocked on your rear for 4 straight days. Up to you, I’m just sayin.’

It really put a cramp in my whole update the blog with fun weekend pics plan I had on Sunday. So, let’s just rewind and pretend last weekend just ended, mkay. Mkay.

Because I work for a really cool company I had a ticket to see George Straight on Friday night. Said cool company actually had a suite stocked with food and adult beverages. Yet another cool move. I was on my best behavior since I was flying solo for a little while, then that got boring and the fun began.

On Saturday we welcomed another woman into our house. Dear blog world, meet my husband’s new mistress.

Yeah, he actually said if the cup holders were any smaller I’d need to worry. YEAP. He said that. Because men say and think those things. He has been talking about this car for eternity awhile now and I think when he signed he papers that day slid into spot numero uno for the best day of his life. Brooklyn slid into 2nd, and our wedding day 3rd. If the Jets happen to win the superbowl I’ll be in 4th. He spent the majority of the weekend out in the garage reading about it’s 100 million features and gadgets. He’s washed it at least 3 times this week, bragged about it to some random stranger at the Dr.’s office, and on Friday when we talked at lunch he was at Target buying car wax.

Total affair.

Okay so secretly I’m happy to have her in our life. He works hard and deserves it. And ultimately if she takes up too much time I will most definitely win. “What scratch honey?”

Fast forward to this weekend and it was full of fun too. Once I recovered I was ready to get out of my house. We had tickets to ACL fest so we grabbed a sitter for Friday night and went to listen to great live music and drink some beers. We met up with our rockstar friends Carrie & Audrey, saw John Legend and Kings of Leon.

It’s been an awesome rainy weekend and I’m finally finishing this blog post. Started Friday but what the heck. Jumbalaya in the crock pot and football on the big screen, and I get to hang out with that little shit below. Feels good to be alive again.