I desperately want to write more but can never manage to make it a priority. Once the kiddos are down and I fall onto the couch I always think – get your ass up. Write.

My husband is chasing my 2 year old around, who by the way has his Thomas rain boots on. Because, you know, it’s probably going to rain in our house at any moment. My daughter is doing her “booty shake” trying to get his attention. This booty shake has got.to.go. At four you really shouldn’t be aware of your booty, much less the attention it gets if you shake it. Wish me luck.

Next door my neighbors are packing up 5 years of living in a house, and we are all sad. It’s another one of those reminders of how quickly life can change. These were the kind of neighbors that you pictured their son taking our daughter to prom, but then secretly hoping they didn’t date because of how close in proximity we were. Not to mention the awkward conversation between Dad’s; one telling his son how to throw game, the other wanting to take his daughter to Montana and live on a 10,000 acre ranch. These were glass of wine, amazing dinners, backyard conversations until 2:00 a.m. kind of neighbors. These were trash out the front of our houses with kiddos cars, bouncy houses, get your grill, bring hot dogs, let’s do this kind of neighbors. Halloween kicked off every year with littles running around in their costumes, adults snacking on Larry’s famous meat breads, Holly making “roadies” for all the adults so we could survive the trick or treat adventure. Those kind of neighbors.

While I wish them well I selfishly I can’t help but HATE the idea that they are gone. Yeah maybe we would go a month or two without really seeing each other and hanging out, but the thought of them next door was always so comforting. Just knowing they were right there, right next door, a 5 second walk away was such a blessing.

But, as with anything in life, things change and change can be good. Not suggesting their moving is a good thing, but I am happy for their new adventures and what waits for them. Boston is an amazing city, and just like they do anywhere, they’ll make great friends and share what we all got to experience for these last few years. Whoever you lucky people are out there – get ready!

As I wind down the evening a little sad I just remind myself to never take things for granted. Time, friendships, opportunities, memories, LIFE. Live it, love it, and embrace it. Be thankful for time spent with good people, appreciate those that are “salt of the earth” and keep the spirit alive.

We will miss you Fleischman family, but we will see you again. I am certain.

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.  ~Thomas Jefferson


Munchkin Love.

B and her best friend Gracie.

Good friends are priceless.

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.  ~Oprah Winfrey

Taking time.

It takes time to develop things – relationships, careers, BABIES, life is an evolution, as is this blog. I have such high hopes to air the thoughts in my head, capture on paper, create a memory I intend to go back and read. But I suppose in my ability to try to take time to blog, which I have failed,  I have been taking time to enjoy other things. Like,

Beautiful faces.

Christmas trees.




My new house, my every day struggles to cook healthy, delicious food for my family. My time is more precious than ever and in the attempt to do it all I still find a way to feel like I’m not taking enough time. As I closed out 2010 I took time to just sit, in my house, with my husband, champagne in hand – and celebrated. As I welcomed in 2011 I did the same thing – spent the morning snuggling with my babies and took the afternoon for lunch and drinks with some great friends. Taking time is what I will do this year.

My resolution.

(**Note that all other resolutions I never can keep up with still apply – workout more, read more, blog more, make photobooks**) 🙂

Happy New Year friends, may it be your best.

Final Countdown!

Last Thursday I went to see my doctor, weekly check up, with no expectations. I left knowing that I was 3 cm dilated and thrown into a whirlwind of ‘whooohooo – let the labor begin!’ It’s Monday…and still, no baby.

Over the weekend I was counting every ache and pain thinking surely the little man would grace us with his presence any minute. It’s Monday, no contractions, no baby…yet.

I do believe in divine intervention and in my case I believe someone was telling me I needed to take a few days to decompress. Looking back at the last few months I truly don’t know that I ever really was able to relax like I tried to do, primarily because work was just so nonstop. Throw the rest of life on top of that and I don’t know that I ever allowed myself to get fully into new mom mode. This week I’m off of work and able to do what I want to do – mani, pedi, a little shopping at Sephora, lunch with friends, hanging with Brooklyn. Laundry can be done at my earliest convenience, dinner can get started before 6:30, life can go at a pace that I have more control of. As much as I’m ready to get into that hospital and get this done I am enjoying these couple of days to get myself back to normal. But…don’t get me wrong, it’s in the back of my mind always that I’m one step close to being a mom of two. I can’t wait!!!!!!

Let the final countdown begin….!

That’s what friends are for…

Remember that song? Keep smiling, keep shining, KNOWING YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON ME, for sure, that’s what friends are for……….

Apparently this hot mess has never heard that song, neither have her friends. If they had they would never let her come out of the house looking like this.


I met some of my best friends out today for brunch and we had an absolute blast. They had bottomless Mimosa’s, me, bottomless water. The weather was perfect, too perfect almost and I actually got some SUN. Uh, what?

Then this showed up:

Sorry I had to take it (pic doesn’t even do it justice). I don’t normally exploit people like this but seriously, can someone please tell her that this is the Lord’s day! Any of my girls came out looking like that and I would literally drive my car off before they could get to the door. There was a little of her and a little of Jersey Shore going on. It was fantastic people watching today.

We named her Madonna Lauper, hot mess.

…and UGLY it was.

Our Ugly Christmas party was a success. As my dear friend KQ put it on her FB status update:

“you know it was a good party when everyone needs asprin the next morning, you go home in someone else’s shoes, and you are drinking out of cups that say ‘happy birthday jesus’. Good times!!! XOXOXO to all the partay peeps”

Pretty much sums up the night. Everyone brought their A game of ugly Christmas attire:

The white elephant gift exhange was a success:
Cookie decorating, not so much:
It’s boring to act like adults all the time, right?
Happy Birthday JESUS!!!!

I’m alive!!!

Okay yeah, wow. That kicked my ass for realz. The flu sucks, go get your shot if you haven’t already. Unless I suppose you like running 101+ fever and feeling like someone has beat the crap out of you, plus coughing, plus snot, knocked on your rear for 4 straight days. Up to you, I’m just sayin.’

It really put a cramp in my whole update the blog with fun weekend pics plan I had on Sunday. So, let’s just rewind and pretend last weekend just ended, mkay. Mkay.

Because I work for a really cool company I had a ticket to see George Straight on Friday night. Said cool company actually had a suite stocked with food and adult beverages. Yet another cool move. I was on my best behavior since I was flying solo for a little while, then that got boring and the fun began.

On Saturday we welcomed another woman into our house. Dear blog world, meet my husband’s new mistress.

Yeah, he actually said if the cup holders were any smaller I’d need to worry. YEAP. He said that. Because men say and think those things. He has been talking about this car for eternity awhile now and I think when he signed he papers that day slid into spot numero uno for the best day of his life. Brooklyn slid into 2nd, and our wedding day 3rd. If the Jets happen to win the superbowl I’ll be in 4th. He spent the majority of the weekend out in the garage reading about it’s 100 million features and gadgets. He’s washed it at least 3 times this week, bragged about it to some random stranger at the Dr.’s office, and on Friday when we talked at lunch he was at Target buying car wax.

Total affair.

Okay so secretly I’m happy to have her in our life. He works hard and deserves it. And ultimately if she takes up too much time I will most definitely win. “What scratch honey?”

Fast forward to this weekend and it was full of fun too. Once I recovered I was ready to get out of my house. We had tickets to ACL fest so we grabbed a sitter for Friday night and went to listen to great live music and drink some beers. We met up with our rockstar friends Carrie & Audrey, saw John Legend and Kings of Leon.

It’s been an awesome rainy weekend and I’m finally finishing this blog post. Started Friday but what the heck. Jumbalaya in the crock pot and football on the big screen, and I get to hang out with that little shit below. Feels good to be alive again.


This is one of my best friends, KQ:
She is, to me, the total package of a friend. She’s beautiful, smart, hilarious, LOUD, not afraid to get in your face, will stab a bitch if she needs to, all around awesome girl. We’ve done smart things together, like running big accounts at our previous job. We’ve done stupid things together, like her teaching me to drive a stick shift in my neighborhood AFTER happy hour. Yes, stupid. We’ve done everything in between.

These are our daughters:

We know what we are capable of, but we have no idea what these two have in store for us.

At least we know we will be there to pour the other another glass of that mama vodka juice.

Oh what a night!

Had a wonderful weekend. Managed to relax, be productive, and party.

Saturday night we got a babysitter and headed out for our friend Brian’s bday. Started with martini’s at Peche, apps & more drinks at Saba, then off to Kiss & Fly for … guess what? More drinks. Mama was feeling no pain…

I am so grateful for good friends, life would not be what it is without them. It was fun for Dom and I to have date night too. We hadn’t been out downtown together in awhile so it was fun to reminisce at some of our old spots, pre-baby. The night ended in classic fashion too, he and I stopped for taquito’s at Whataburger. You know it’s been a good one when you are sitting on your kitchen counter scarfing down potatoe, egg, & cheese at 2:00 a.m.

Happy Birthday Brian! We love you.