Fall back.

It rained a couple of days this last week. Temps dropped into the 60’s at night, 80’s during the day, clock keeps ticking, and guess what? It’s starting to feel like FALL.

Since I was a kiddo this change in season was probably my most favorite. It meant back to school (translates to new clothes and shoes), dove season (I know, I know), football, and the beginning of the most amazing months of the year. Halloween translates to almost Thankgiving, Thanksgiving translates to almost Christmas season and Christmas just means AWESOME.

My whole disposition changes, I dream of things like pumpkin bread, holiday arts & crafts, costumes, cheesy things like “maybe I should make a “fall-like” wreath for the door.” I go in clean out mode, organize the crap out of my house, spend hours browsing through recipes because clearly the fall means getting my cook on. We put JETS jersey’s on every Sunday, hit ballet class every Saturday, and can’t wait to put on The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown….


---Soak it up folks, fall back,  make a spiced latte, and hope it takes its time.

Be back soon,



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