We’re back………………..

Sadly. 😦 We got back on Monday night after a WONDERFUL trip. I loved everything about Cabo and absolutely recommend that you all add it to your ‘places to go’ lists.

The weather was gorgeous, the view was simply breathtaking, service impeccable, and the kids club services they offered worked out great. Brooklyn got a few hours in the sun every day with mommy & daddy, and then a few hours in the kids clubs doing activities, playing with other kiddos, etc…while the hubs and I just relaxed in a comfy chair by the pool. We each got massages, I got a pedicure, enjoyed live music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and each other.

Brooklyn warmed up to the staff there immediately and suddenly our 18 month old was bilingual. ‘HOLA, HOLA, HOLA, HOLA…’ we must have heard that 100 times from her. She did great on the ‘airpanes’ too, a few breakdowns in the customs lines but as I see it she’s only expressing herself as we would if we could. Can someone tell me again why the customs lines always seems to have 100 booths, but 10 open? Ay ay ay.

We’ve managed to hop right back into our daily routines, work, bills, and all that comes with but mentally I check out and go back to this heavenly place:

Ahhhhh…..CABO. We shall meet again.


5 thoughts on “We’re back………………..

  1. Holy carp, Heather! You are the hottest preggo tohit the beach in…well, history.I'm sure some people would say they hate you for looking that good six minutes before you pop out a kid and like, a month after popping out the first one. Me? Of course I wouldn't! Say it, that is. But oh how I am thinking it!B looks so cute in the pool…that face! I could put it on a ritz and have it for a snack.Cabo looks…amazing. It looks too beautiful to be real, honestly. Definitely going on the bucket list.

  2. You look amazing and have a beautiful family… Cabo is gorgeous! TL and I are trying to figure out where we want to go to take a vacation for our one year wedding anniversary, hmm, maybe Cabo!? 🙂 I have that same swim suit, by the way!

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