Oh snow you didn’t…

Oh yes it did.

Let me remind everyone that my last post was about Sunday brunch in the 75 degree beautiful sun. Tuesday, snow. Texas weather is as about consistent as our mood swings during our favorite time of month.

It was absolutely beautiful to me, I love seeing everything covered in white. For those of us that don’t get this often we can truly appreciate the ambiance it creates.

Everyone, except Brooklyn.

We were so excited to take her out to play in it after work. We got home, got all bundled up and took her out…

It lasted all of one HOT minute.

She hated it. It was cold…and wet…and new…and stupid as far as she was concerned. There were no family shots frolicking in the snow, building snowmen, snowball fights, ending with a cup of hot cocoa. Oh noooooo, not in our house. The fit started outside and lasted a good 15 minutes inside as she was PISSED we would subject her to such cruelty.

We woke up this morning to the last bit of snow still melting away, our temperature was back up in the 50’s by days end.

Thanks for coming to visit us snow, we’ll see you again in about 10 years.


7 thoughts on “Oh snow you didn’t…

  1. I feel your pain! It was 82 yesterday…freezing today. Tampa is on par with Texas weather when it comes to consistency! Even though she didn't dig it, she sue looks darn cute in those pics!

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