That’s what friends are for…

Remember that song? Keep smiling, keep shining, KNOWING YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON ME, for sure, that’s what friends are for……….

Apparently this hot mess has never heard that song, neither have her friends. If they had they would never let her come out of the house looking like this.


I met some of my best friends out today for brunch and we had an absolute blast. They had bottomless Mimosa’s, me, bottomless water. The weather was perfect, too perfect almost and I actually got some SUN. Uh, what?

Then this showed up:

Sorry I had to take it (pic doesn’t even do it justice). I don’t normally exploit people like this but seriously, can someone please tell her that this is the Lord’s day! Any of my girls came out looking like that and I would literally drive my car off before they could get to the door. There was a little of her and a little of Jersey Shore going on. It was fantastic people watching today.

We named her Madonna Lauper, hot mess.


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