Weekend good deed FAIL.

I made dinner for my mom and I Saturday night. We had gone shopping and found lots of goodies for the little one on the way, more to come on that later. I dropped her and B off at home and ran back up to the store to get the goods.

Found myself in the checkout line behind a woman and her two kids. The oldest boy was probably around 5, the youngest just a few months old. I wasn’t paying too close attention but her and the cashier were going back and forth about something, next thing I know they took her gallon of milk and said something to her about WIC??? I know a little about what it is but have no clue what the “rules” are. All I see is young mama, two kids, couldn’t afford milk.

It’s my turn and I just had a few things, I asked the cashier to go ahead and put the milk with my stuff, definitely had $1.99 to spare that day. I paid and quickly rushed to get out the door so I could give the woman her milk, but as I exit I see she is standing there with her oldest son looking through her purse. I walked up to her cart and placed the milk inside – she looked at me – looked back at her son and proceeded to get out her wallet.

Okay…wonder what that’s all about. She looks at me, says thank you, opens her wallet and hands her son some CASH so he could


I’m sorry – WAH? WHAT? WTF? WHAT! I’m not saying I don’t want your kid to have the girl scout cookies but what the hell is wrong with you and your priorities. Oh you don’t have them? Shocker.

I honestly felt like such a dumb ass as I walked away. I don’t need acknowledgement for doing a good deed but at the same time I’d like to publicly announce I probably wouldn’t be as inclined to help out next time in that same situation. There are good people in this world, no doubt, but there as just as many living off the system going nowhere, feeling okay about it.


7 thoughts on “Weekend good deed FAIL.

  1. Not sure what the deal was, but WIC definitely includes milk. You only get a certain number of bucks a month though and maybe her 'debit' card didn't have enough. That being said, why they'd single out the milk is odd. Even if it was the last item on the belt, you'd think there'd be something else in her cart that was less important. You did a good deed and SHOULD be recognized for it.Thank you HEATHER for being a good person and doing what anyone SHOULD do (assuming they could) in that situation. You just upped your karma for the next go-round. 🙂

  2. OH my goodness you were just trying to be nice and apparently that lady only cares about herself, even if she didn't recognize it you can go to bed knowing that you are a woman of integrity and kindenss and that is worth everything in the world.P.S. honestly Valentine's Day was entertaining but there were too many good actors to truly enjoy it, they all did not get enough screen time and the stories are too short lived. It missed a mark in me somewhere, but just my opinion. 😉

  3. HH, It totally makes you feel like a sucker but if you think about those two little boys getting that milk, no girl scout cookie can replace that. You are just that kind of person, and please don't let one "douche bag" mom ruin that. I think there are only certain Milk selections that are "WIC" approved. Maybe it wasn't the HEB kind, which is. Bottom line: those boys got milk. Way to go mamma!

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