I briefly scanned through a recorded Oprah recently that talked about how much *stuff* we have in our lives. Stuff was primarily defined as electronics and technology – cell phones, laptops, countless hours spent on Facebook, blogs, iphones, email…*ahem*, all the things we are doing right now. Yeah, I’m totally guilty. Everything is so accessible that it makes it hard not to be.

Brooklyn gets a bath every night after dinner. Anytime that I’m giving her a bath I either bring my iphone to check email, FB, etc…or I clean up our bathroom. I let her play and I’ll give her my attention, but it’s shared. Because clearly seeing everyone’s updates on FB is far more important than giving her my undivided time. She’ll only be this small and innocent forever, right? Right…

It applies to my husband too, friends, family, everyone really. At Christmas I almost kicked my brother’s ass because he was OBSESSED with the app ‘words with friends.’ We are all guilty of it but for me, personally, time to scale it back a bit.

Scaling it back means no phones at the dinner table, B’s bath’s, playing with her in our living room, etc…Giving Dom my undivided attention rather than talking to him while scrolling through gmail. It’s just all about stopping for a second to focus on the people in my life and not what’s flying all around me. Pretty sure I won’t have missed too much if I login and read blogs 2 hours later than I thought I was going to. We need to bring back the true meaning of quality time with one another.

I know my life will only get ‘busier’ as this 2nd baby makes his/her arrival. It’s a balance to maintain yourself, be a good mom, still socialize, etc…but I’m going to do it. Without 24 hours of technology in my life.

It’s a bit hypocritical of me to claim this while writing this blog, eh? Worth mentioning I’m sitting at JFK airport waiting to catch a flight home from a work trip, so I suppose in this instance it’s okay. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to do any stripping here…


2 thoughts on “Stripped

  1. It is so hard to keep up with it all – I'm glad you are taking time for you and your family and especially for your baby to be. It's important not to lose focus about what really matters.

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