Cheesy McCheester, and then some.

Yes I did change my blog background for Halloween, and yes I did it again for November, and oh I cannot wait for the Christmas holiday. It just might sing and light up – Griswold is in the house.

Raise your hand if you like cheesy!

Anywho – I felt like I was on a roll with posting, a couple posts a week is ‘on a roll’ in my world. Then bam, fell off a cliff, hit a wall, thinking I am lame and have nothing fun to say. That always bring me back to why I started this here blog in the first place, to keep my grandma (Nana) updated with pictures and stories of Brooklyn. So, as the new saying goes, “when you hit a wall, post for grandma.” (More cheese!)

We had a great Halloween, although it came and went as quick as it started. Brooklyn was a pumpkin but wasn’t interested. We took her to a pumpkin parking lot patch but she wasn’t too interested in that either. The bean bag toss, however, ding ding ding – we have a winner.

Sunday of this last weekend we took her a new park just build near our house and I learned that my child literally has NO FEAR. I knew this already I think but it was 100% confirmed. With no help from her us she flew down the slide. There I was too, ready and waiting to help and be the hero/safety net. Who are you? GET OUT MY WAY!

I should clarify something. She has no fear but she is aware of crazy. And how to stay away from it. Demonstrated in the below pictures, she is all to aware of the weirdo behind the big dog head. “Hmmm, he’s not Mickey or any of his friends, Pooh, a Disney Princess…STRANGER DANGER!” That’s my girl.

Okay Nana, hope you enjoyed the update. I’ll be back soon, mwah!


8 thoughts on “Cheesy McCheester, and then some.

  1. how adorable are those pics….and Love the holiday background….I've got two awards for you over at my blog…would love to have you come by and grab them!

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