The GAP.

When Brooklyn was 3 months old I swore she was teething. Drooling, grabbing ears, runny nose – all the things I read in the books. Yeah, the books that tell you how to be a mom. Another topic filed in the “my mom was right file.” Those books are useless.

Anywho, she really actually started teething around 8 months old. We are spoiled, when she goes down for bed, she goes to bed. The night we were 45 minutes into the someone is clearly beating me tantrum where she held on to the side of her crib and rocked forward and backward and forward and backward FOR THE LOVE OF GOD someone please save me from this torture – we knew she was teething.

Since then, it’s one after the other. Girl has got some chompers. She also has A…

wait for it….

wait for it….


I don’t know if it’s just her age, and they’ll grow closer together, or if we’re stuck with the goofy space that I suppose adds character? Yeah right. Answer me honestly – when you see someone with a huge gap in their teeth, do you automatically think ‘smarts.’? Yeah, didn’t think so. I’ve just never been a fan of the people with gaps in their teeth (no offense) but it’s not like I can freakin fix it.

Ahh, vanity.


6 thoughts on “The GAP.

  1. I am so with you!When Ainsley lost her front two teeth and a lower incisor, it was the weirdest smile ever. Of course you love to see your daughter smile, but when you could park a Buick in there, you enjoy that closed mouth smile :-)They'll all fill in and she'll be as cute as ever!

  2. Join the club, sister. Dylan has a pretty big gap between his front teeth. I am hoping that his permanent teeth will grow in closer togehter. Although his dentist has already told us to expect orthodontics in his future!

  3. I understand how you feel! I had a gap when I was little, but thankfully it grew in (by middle school I think). I have a ton of other teeth issues, but a gap is now thankfully not one of them. 🙂

  4. Maybe you should change her name to just "Brooklyn" you know, like Madonna? I'm kidding, I love that gap! She looks adorable! And I'm sure they'll grow closer together as she gets older anyway.

  5. He he, I am sure her teeth will grow together…my teeth were always funny looking when I was a little girl. At least you won't have to feed her baby food and she gets to explore all of the yummy food out there! 🙂

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