We did this for about an hour last night. Pick up a block, stack a block, stack another block, knock it down. Clap clap, yay Brooklyn!

At one point she was concentrating so intently on stacking that she started breathing harder. Adorable.

After a long day there is nothing more peaceful than this to come home to. I often tell myself, and you, how it’s important to keep things in perspective but we move at such a fast pace it’s so easy for our minds to clutter with life. After my cousin passed away I thought FOR SURE I’d have a handle on it, but only two weeks later I am wrapped up with work, with being healthy, having mental arguements about working out, planning schedules, cleaning house, updating my blog!, blah blah blah. None of which is bad, but time consuming.

Then as I’m laying on our living room rug last night playing with Brooklyn it suddenly dawns on me that I’m having a moment with her. She has never been able to stack these blocks on her own, but now she can. One of her little obstacles overcome. It was awesome for both me, and Dom, to just sit back, stop thinking, and watch her grow. A memory made, a very big success.


2 thoughts on “Success

  1. Too cute–I love this game, it's just relaxing and sweet to watch such delight come from something so simple. It's just an easy and relaxing way to marvel at life.

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