Winds of change…

Ever feel like things are just in sync, moving, working, rhythm is good, satisfying my control freak needs, feeling the flow, then BAM!!! Change of pace.

That has been our lives the last three weeks and on into [insert big black hole.]

House stuff, family stuff, friends stuff, general stuff, etc…stuff. We’ve had a lot of after work commitments to fulfill, lots of them social so definitely not a bad thing but before you know it it’s Thursday and you have yet to sit for half an hour on your couch that you love so much and you quickly reflect on the days gone by where all you did was suck couch. Sigh. Weekend is right around the corner and the stuff picks right back up.

Dom and I have both have had pretty intense work schedules right now too, Chicago, Detroit, me – Dallas. Oh, yes, let’s pause on that one.

I was scheduled to leave for Dallas Thursday morning for work meetings, coming home Friday morning. It wasn’t required to stay overnight but my brother lives there right now while doing an internship. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the liquor bottle decorated, office chair for furniture, bachelor pad, home sweet dump that he has. I’m actually SUPER proud of him, but I do love what straight guys do to the place. Rewind again to Thursday at about 1:35 a.m., Brooklyn is stirring, baby monitor is LOUD AND CLEAR GET THE F*** UP screaming at you. My turn, I went upstairs to check on her and she’s sitting in her crib, stares at me, and pukes. I alluded to this puke in my previous post. Yeah….let me know if there are any tricks out there to direct a 10 month old on how to puke in ‘appropriate’ places. 5 hours later and I’m in the shower trying to figure out how in the hell I could do this drive to Dallas on 3 hours sleep. Easy – caffeine.

Fast forward to Friday night, I puke. Saturday, Dom pukes.


All good now, everyone is back to normal.

I just have that sense of change, not sure what it is, but it’s there. It’s progress at it’s best, life in motion. Dom is heading back to New York in August, going to the beach this weekend, various opportunities on the horizon. Just change. All of that, though, suddenly went into perspective for me though the other day when my baby girl demonstrated change to me more than anything. In the midst of craziness she pulls her attempt to walk. Jaws drop, freeze in place, “BABE!!! OMG!!! LOOK!!!!.” Four steps, crash. Couldn’t believe it and literally paused life to just watch HER. Such adorable innocence and determination. Her winds of change, blowing wild and free.

In that moment, all mine stood still.

(If anyone knows of video rotating software that is trustworthy, please let me know.)


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