Self control?

I had no intention of blogging right now, but they are staring at me. The chocolate covered raisins on my desk. I can’t control myself either, little mother f’ers are too enticing! So, I pick up another handful, and make them the honorary guests of this post.

I bought them, so I am the one to blame, but where the hell is the self control? Clearly, I have none when it comes to certain things. I had breakfast and a LARGE coffee already today. I have lunch plans at noon. I have no self control.

Other things that win this battle:

  1. Queso. Large consumptions.
  2. Chips and salsa.
  3. 7 layer dip.
  4. Junior Mints.
  5. Veal Parmesan from La Mela’s.
  6. Peanut butter granola bars.
  7. Ranch dressing.
  8. Crab legs and butter sauce. YUMMY.
  9. Wasabi peas. Random, but damn good.
  10. Cashews
  11. My dad’s BBQ pork ribs!

I’m sure my list is much longer but I think that’s all I care to reveal for now. I do try to balance out, control myself, with enough servings of low fat, healthiness, but every once in awhile damnit I love losing self control.

Guilty food pleasures anyone?


8 thoughts on “Self control?

  1. Ha ha ha, I think it is good to indulge sometimes, but in moderation so that you don't cave all at once. Love your list, crab legs with butter sounds superb! Yummy snacks…I think I shall do a post on cupcakes soon, they are my guilty pleasure. ;0)

  2. Lately? Homemade Milky Way ice cream. I need to get the recipe from my MIL and post it. All I know is that it involves 12 melted Milky Way bars. The world needs to know about this!Oh, and QUESO, for sure.

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