I suck at sewing, but maybe you don’t…

I always aspire to be apart of something good, something bigger than you and me. My friend Jade, over at ChikAustin has done just that with her love inspired project, Craft Hope.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Jade and I are friends primarily through blog world, and Facebook. I work with her hubby and we have met a few times, she rocks. She has two beautiful children, a 3rd on the way, and is full of life and giving back.

She makes me insanely jealous with her craftiness!

I may have put together a scrap book page now and then, ooohh, and I did paint the letters in Brooklyn’s room, but that is about as crafty as I get. I have never picked up a needle and thread, if a button falls off of anything I’m screwed and it goes in the trash. Domestic Diva…hardly. But this is not about me, this about you and all of the creativity and mad sewing skills you probably have.

Craft Hope just announced their third project, below is a bit from Jade:

The children in Mexico are wearing their handmade dresses. The dolls will soon be heading to Nicaragua. Craft Hope is crossing borders to make a difference. Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time. I am so proud to announce that project 3 is going all of the way to India! For this project, Craft Hope has partnered with the Miracle Foundation to supply blankets, booties and beanies for newborns.

If you sew, or know someone that does join Jade in her mission. Craft Hope’s tagline is ‘spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time.’ Consider me a virtual stitch, from her to you.

Sign up and sew!


3 thoughts on “I suck at sewing, but maybe you don’t…

  1. I do sew (a little!) but I'm so bad at it. It takes me forever to do anything. I'll check out the site… it sounds like such a great project.

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