Hard to believe, but yep, been blogging for a year now. It’s been a year actually on June 4th, but in typical anniversary fashion I missed it. I took a moment to reflect on my first post, about a $22.00 sandwich, my pregnancy posts, when will Brooklyn get here posts, new mom days, and then some

My dad still doesn’t understand the purpose of it, my mom reads it (some), my brothers do when I tell them to, and my whole reason behind it was so that family could keep up with Brooklyn. Ha! 🙂 My online poker playing grandmother is a follower though – Hi Nana!, and I am nothing but impressed that she is.

I’ll keep it up though, if nothing else it provides sanity checks for me when I sit down and just write about whatever the hell I want to, when I want to. It’s been inspiring too, to read about other peoples experiences, journeys, ups and downs. I laugh a lot, have cried too, and just enjoy knowing that I’m not going crazy. Or if I am, so are you.

Happy Blogiversary to me, off to celebrate with a Diet DP out of the vending machine. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Yay, for a year! I think I have been blogging for a year now too, but this is the first time I have actually gotten into it and I am meeting so many wonderful people! I just wanted to stop by your blog to welcome you to SITS. Your baby is adorable! Congrats on the little one. 😉

  2. Woo hoo congrats to you and keeping up with the blog that some follow others glance and still others follow religiously!! wonderful!!keep it up

  3. Congrats! Mine started out the same way, for the family to keep tabs on our son, and has become a great place to vent, meet people and read other interesting blogs. Keep it up!

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