New toy!

Okay so I hope we chose wisely when it came to Brooklyn’s next toy. I swear I can already feel the pressure of “mom – Gracie’s got a cooler toy than me!!!” And then Dom and I trying to determine if she needs it or just wants it before we go buy. In reality I think before kids turn 5 they should just play with old tupperware, cardboard boxes, pots, pans, and maybe a marker or crayon. But I can’t have her not have the cool toys like the rest of the kids on the block. OMG what a nightmare. I blame the manufacturer’s! There are a million baby toys out there, jumparoo’s, exersaucers, walkers, blah blah blah. After much deliberation we settled on the exersaucer and it’s adorable to watch her, she’s just so happy to be able to stand!


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